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Nifty Knitters

Nifty Knitters

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Loom MAXI: Wind up creative

Working with wool can be this easy: Prym Consumer now offers the new looms in classic wood look as an inspirational alternative for all who lack the confidence to attempt complicated knitting and crochet projects. Based on a technique originating from Italy, each loom helps to create all manner of imaginative patterns simply by winding the yarn deftly around wooden pegs. Similar to patchworking, the patterns are then joined any which way to transform them into decorative accessories. Be it trendy bags, scarves and ponchos in cool colours, or stunning design objects such as cushions and blankets: The fun of combining and expressive style inspires ever new creations. The loom is so easy to use that even children can whip up little works of art. Needlecraft enthusiasts can choose the loom MAXI either with square or rectangular board. Each kit also includes 50 wooden pegs and a wool needle along with detailed basic instructions.

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Knitting socks without pins

The good old money sock is out! Long live the sock that saves! Thanks to the knitting loom from Prym, the name of the game is now knitting socks without pins. Behind it is an idea that is as clever as it is obvious: the principle of the good old knitting dolly that generations of kids have used to produce centimetre thick woolly sausages. The knitting loom has taken this idea a step further in that it has increased the number of pegs. Instead of four, it has 28, 32 or 36 pegs to be looped – depending on the required size of the sock.

Knitting-Loom › Download this video "Knitting-Loom" (366MB)

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Flower loom

Flower power for creative accessories:

Flower power for creative accessories: With the flower loom you can conjure up highly imaginative blooms to your heart’s content. Whether as an attractive eye-catcher on shoes, tops, shopping bag or for a romantic spring awakening for your home – a rosy picture it will be! Your flowery creations with tassels in matching colours – which can also be quickly made with the flower loom – will give everything a touch of baroque splendour.

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